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How to clean and store your adult toys

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Whether you've just purchased your first vibrator or are a seasoned sex toy user, it's important to learn how to properly care for them. One major safety precaution you need to take, before both solo and partner play, is to clean your sex toy. The last year has taught us all that being clean and hygienic is super important!

It may not sound sexy but cleaning your toys is essential. Pleasure products can help you embrace confidence, help navigate intimate desires and boundaries and boost self-love.

But having an experience like getting a UTI or STI from a vibrator is not just uncomfortable, it can be extremely painful if left untreated, but it perpetuates the shame around masturbation and can create individual resistance to self-pleasure. This we do not want!

It also important to note here that its important you take note of the material used to make the toy. Try and stick to medical grade materials. These materials are tried and tested in the medical field and gives you confidence that your pleasure product is top quality.

As we know one size doesn't fit all when it comes to sex toys, and the same goes for cleaning them. You can't wash and dry everything the same way, it depends on what material they're made from. Different materials require different care.

This handy little chart tells you how to look after your toys depending on what they’re made from. We have also added to the chart a recommendation of how you should store your toys. Storage of your adult toy collection is as important as the cleaning of them.




How to clean

Where to store

ABS plastic


Warm water and soap or sex toy cleaner

Lint-free fabric bag



Cold water and soap

Any clean container or drawer

Crystal & Stone


Warm water and soap

lint-free fabric bag or padded container

Glass, Pyrex, silicone & stainless steel


Motorized: warm water and soap or sex toy cleaner

Nonmotorized: can also use boiling water or sanitize in dishwasher

Glass and Pyrex: lint-free fabric bag or padded container

Silicone or stainless steel: any clean container

Jelly rubber, elastomer, latex, cyberskin


Room temperature water and a soapy washcloth

Individually in a lint-free fabric bag or non-plastic container



Spot clean with a damp, soapy cloth

Store in a cool, dry place and avoid storing in plastic and out of sunlight

PVC and Vinyl


Warm water and a soapy washcloth

Lint-free fabric bag



Machine or handwash with soap

Any clean container or drawer


Looking after your adult toy collection is so very important. Putting in a little effort to properly clean and store your sex toys helps keep you and your partner(s) safe and your sex toys in tiptop shape and keep in mind that sticking with toys made from quality materials can help, too.

The Adult Playground can also design and build the perfect storage unit for your toys – Call them on 1300 69 00 69 and ask to speak the design team to have them make your own personalised storage!

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